Commonly Asked Questions

The following information should be used as a general reference guide only.
Always check with the doctor if unsure about a patient’s situation or condition.

Common pregnancy complaints


Nausea & vomiting

Daily supplementation of Vitamin B6 (50-100mg) can be helpful with this. Prescription medication (Maxolon or Stemetil) can be prescribed by the doctor if the condition persists.

Spotting & bleeding

This is not uncommon in pregnancy, but the doctor should always be contacted. Recommend bed rest. Bright, red blood is often more of a concern than a dark brownish discharge.

Cramping & pains

These are very common in pregnancy and aren’t often serious.


A very common complaint during pregnancy, often caused by low blood pressure. If symptoms are particularly distressing doctor can prescribe Maxolon. Otherwise patient should take rest and avoid hot, stuffy rooms.

Heartburn & indigestion

Over the counter medications such as Mylanta, Gaviscon, Rennie and Quik Eze can be used to treat this common complaint.


Increasing fibre in the diet, including bran, is the best way to manage this. Alternatively pharmacy medications/supplements such as Metamucil and Coloxyl can also be helpful.

Leg cramps

One or two tablets at night of Caltrate 600mg, a vitamin supplement can help with this.

Swollen legs/numbness

This is a common complaint and does not necessarily mean that the patient is suffering pre-eclampsia. Rest and elevation of the legs is the most beneficial course of action. Tingling and numbness in hands and fingers can also occur. These symptoms usually resolve after the pregnancy.

Fetal movements

Fetal movements vary from person to person, pregnancy to pregnancy and time of day. Generally, fetal movements commence at approx 20-22 weeks in 1st pregnancies and from approx 16 weeks in subsequent pregnancies. From 28 weeks most women will notice 10 or more movements in a 12 hour period.



Over the counter medications

Panadol and Panadeine tablets are safe to take during pregnancy. Canaston (pessaries and cream) an over the counter treatment for vaginal thrush is also quite safe to take. Avoid cold and flu tablets, cough medicines or anything containing pseudoephedrine.

Should I take vitamin supplements?

Folic Acid supplementation is recommended for the 1st trimester of the pregnancy. A pregnancy multivitamin, such as Elevit or Blackmore’s Pregnancy Formula, that contains folic acid can be taken for the entire pregnancy.

Are herbal supplements safe?

It is not recommended patients take any herbal supplementation without discussing it with the doctor first.

Can I dye my hair?


Can I paint my nails?


Is deodorant safe?


Is it safe to continue having sex?

Yes, unless patient has had some recent bleeding.

Can I drive after my caesarean?

Yes, when patient feels they are safely able to do so.

Can I still touch my cats?

Yes, but have minimal contact and stay away from the litter tray and cat faeces.

Can I travel during pregnancy?

It is quite safe to fly domestically up until 34 weeks gestation and internationally until 28 weeks. Individual airlines may have restrictions so always check this. If patient must fly after these times always check with the doctor first.

Is it safe to visit the dentist?

Yes, it’s important to maintain good oral hygiene during pregnancy. Local anaesthetics for dental treatment is safe during pregnancy.